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Erik P

Greetings to future RV buyers:
It was difficult to consider traveling a great distance to purchase an RV.  I live in Salt Lake City Utah and during my search I received a call from Gary Hoffman the owner of RV Sales of Oregon.  He had just taken in a National Tradewinds.  After days of long conversations and pictures I began to realize the trust this man engendered. I flew to Oregon and my trust was more than rewarded.  RV Sales of Oregon is located on a strip of Hwy 99, just north of Eugene.  It is not a large company (apx 80 units).  They are a family run company and what is quite unique, they do not put numbers first, utmost consideration is given to serving the buyers needs.  This attitude is also quite evident in the work crew, not waiting to be told what to do in the prep work: they know and they do. I wrote this testimonial in gratitude and to share my unique experience.  Consider the trip, its well worth it. Erik P.

Sharon & John

Thank you, to all you of you and your staff, who have been involved with the sale of our two vehicles.  You folks are very professional in your business.  We were told this fact from a former customer of yours.  We will now join them in giving high recommendations to anyone that inquire to us about your business and our level of satisfaction.  We wish you well in the future of your recreational consignment sales business.  Sharon & John


Thank you for treating me so fairly.  I felt everyone at RV Sales of Oregon truly cares about each and every customer.  I was and am blown away by your caring and your staff.  Tim

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