The Perfect B-B-Q Bean Recipe

Every once in a while, we are going to post an employee-trusted, tried, and approved recipe for you to try for yourself.  Our first recipe posting features a wonderful b-b-q bean recipe.  We just celebrated summertime as a company out at Fern Ridge reservoir, a local favorite spot here in Lane County.  We grilled chicken, sausages, and Rich treated us to a smoked prime rib - quite yummy.... The beans were the perfect complement to the meat and all the rest of the goodies we enjoyed!


Start with 1 large and 1 small can of Bush's Baked Beans and 1 large and 1 small can of VandeKamp Pork 'n Beans
Brown 1 onion and cook 1 pound of bacon, 1 pound of hamburger AND 1 pound of pork sausage; add this to the beans
Add to the beans and meat...
     1/2 large bottle of ketchup
     1/2 large bottle of hickory b-b-q sauce (KC Masterpiece is a good one)
     1 cup brown sugar
     2 Tablespoons mustard
     a couple teaspoons of Wright's smoked seasoning
Bake @ 350 for 1-2 hours.  You can add a little more chopped bacon and brown sugar on top if you want to - why not?  :)  Enjoy!!!!

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